jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

· Things that I have done In my last vacations: I visit the margarita Island with my friends I also went to Florida to visit my family, here in the city I worked for 3 month in a restaurant and I learn a lot of things in there.
(Unit 13-15)

· STEFANYA: hi! Is dixa overthore
· Secretaria: no, she’s not here. Please leave your massage.
· STEFANYA: please tell her there I need to talk with her stefanya a friends
· Secretaria: ok Mrs. I give her your message.
· Dixa: oh hello stefanya!!!
· Stefanya: hi dixa would you like to go with me to some where?
· Dixa: MMM! I’m sorry stefanya I can’t because I have a lot of work to go.
· Stefanya: oh please dixa I can’t to go out with you. I have so much time with out see you
· Dixa: mmm well, I know some restaurant, I think we can go there and have lunch.
Stefanya: really? Ok I think its great idea when we can go.
· Dixa: tomorrow about 12:00
· Stefanya: Ok! Good bye see you tomorrow
· Dixa: bye!!!
(Unit 12)

· Pharmacist: Hi. Can I help you?
· Ms Stefanya: yes, please. Could I have something for a cough? I thing I ´m getting a cold.
· Pharmacist: well, I suggest a box of these cough drops. And you should get a bottle of vitamin c, too.
· Ms. Stefanya: thank you. And what do you have for dry skin?
· Pharmacist: try some of this new lotion. It’s very good.
· Ms Stefanya: ok. Thanks a lot.

(Unit 16)

Good afternoon my name is stefanya I’m going to talk about some changes in my life, well, in the last few months. I lot of weight and now I’m more slim than before, I think that is because of the university. Also I don’t go to many parries any more because I’m working now, so I don’t have time to go out with my friences. I need vacations!!! When this semester over I think I’m going to travel with my family to margarita, after that I would like to buy my own apartment to live with my boyfriend. I would like to graduate here at urbe because it’s a great university and I like it so much. But I have plans to move to a new city, Merida maybe. Well this is a part of my life that I want to chair with you, thank you.

viernes, 15 de junio de 2007

the city: Maracaibo (unit 11)

Maracaibo is situated in the northwest of Venezuela, is it by the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The city is the second most important in Venezuela because is a great economic center of the country. I’m Maracaibo exist a famous land mark who is the ``vereda del lago´´ also in maracaibo city is the ``Basilica de chiquinquira´´ that is a recogrite in all the country also is the Santa Barbara. Maracaibo have two important gourmet buildings the are the gourmet palacea and CLE2 and also have a two important streets that are delicias avenue the best place to go shopping in maracaibo is the sambil center in there you can buy fashionable clothes but is very expensive to buy there. Maracaibo is very recognite for the food it has a different types uf food but the most famous are thy pastelitus, the public transport in bus and taxi, the temperature in Maracaibo is very net in the middle of the summex.

who am´I

Hi my name is Stefanya Fernandez but you can call me stefy. I’m 20 years old and I study education at urbe. I love listen to music, dancing, study English the pizza, my family and my country. I really hate bad people, violence, injustice, getting and. Up early on weekends.
My family is to graduate on my proffelin and travel for all have a good job and get merried with my boyfriend, and starts a family.
About English, this language is very important to me because it helps me to understand other language that exists in the word also. I think English is very important in my proffesiun I need to practice a little more but I know I can to leonn it very well.

My family (unit 9)

My family: my Mon have a blue t-shirt. She have a short and straight brown heir her skin is lightbrown fainly tall, she is a pretty women and her eyes are brown.
My sister she have a lightblue t-shirt she have a long and straight black hair, her eyes are black, she use glasses, she is young she is pretty, and she is rall.
And I have a brown t-shirt, my eyes are bron, my hair is long and straight I’m pretty tall I have skin and I´ m very cute.